Ex parte INAISHI - Page 4

              The examiner relies upon a combination of up to five different references to                             
              reject the claimed subject matter and establish a prima facie case of obviousness.                       
              One of the underlying premises of the examiner’s rejection is that it would have been                    
              obvious to one of ordinary skill in the art to employ the N,N-dialkylaniline compounds                   
              of Adair in the composition of Ali.  The reasoning of the examiner is that, “[s]ince Adair               
              teaches that N,N-dialkylanilines within the scope of the instant claims are equivalent to                
              those exemplified by Ali as photopolymerization accelerators, and Ali teaches that his                   
              N,N-dialkylanilines act not only as accelerators but also impart higher storage                          
              stability to photopolymerization compositions without attendant loss of imaging speed,                   
              it is reasonable to presume that the p-substituted-N,N-dialkyl anilines within the scope                 
              of the instant claims inherently possess said dual functions,” and therefore can be                      
              combined.  See Answer, page 7.  We disagree.                                                             
              In our view the examiner’s rejection is predicated upon an assumption that the                           
              individual components in a photopolymerizable system perform standard functions and                      
              are interchangeable with other photopolymerizable systems.  However, our analysis                        
              of the references of record reveals that the only component uniformly present and                        
              performing the same function in each of the references of record is the                                  
              polymerizable unsaturated compound.  The photopolymerization systems otherwise                           
              contain diverse initiators, sensitizers and other components which interact with each                    
              other in a unique but a systematic manner.  In our view N,N-dialkyl anilines are one such                
              component which performs a different function in each of the references in which                         
              they are present.                                                                                        
              The primary reference to Ali discloses a photopolymerizable composition                                  


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Last modified: November 3, 2007