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             comprising an ethylenically unsaturated compound, a photoinitiator and a sensitizer.                      
             See column 3, lines 25-44.  Reference is made in Ali, column 3, line 67, to U.S.                          
             Patent No. 4,366,228, which also discloses a photopolymerizable composition.  The                         
             activators disclosed in U.S. Patent No. 4,366,228 include N,N-dialkyl anilines among                      
             numerous other amines each of which are utilized in photopolymerization in the                            
             presence of photosensitizing compounds.  No other photo initiators are utilized in U.S.                   
             Patent No. 4,366,228.  See column 9, line 34 to column 10, line 46.  Accordingly,                         
             N,N-dialkylanilines when used as initiators constitute the sole initiators in the                         
             photopolymerization system.                                                                               
             In contrast Ali’s photopolymerizable system utilizes s-triazine as a preferred                            
             photo initiator.   See column 3, lines 1-35.  N,N-dialkyl substituted anilines are only                   
             optional components in the photopolymerization system of Ali.  See column 4, lines                        
             34-36.   They have the “surprising function of imparting higher storage stability.”                       
             See  column 4, lines 3-4.  Ali’s contribution is directed to the utilization of N,N-                      
             substituted anilines to improve the shelf life, i.e., storage stability of the                            
             photopolymerizable composition.  See column 4, lines 34-36 and column 8, lines 37-                        
             56.  There is no suggestion in Ali that the N,N-dialkyl anilines function as initiators in                
             his photo polymerizable system.                                                                           
                 As to Adair, the photo polymerizable system of Adair contains a photo sensitizer                      
             which differs from the sensitizer of either Ali or U. S. Patent No. 4,366,228.  The                       
             system of Adair utilizes a thiol as the indispensable photo initiator, which initiator may                
             be the sole initiator present.   See column 1, lines 11-12 and column 3, lines 38-39.                     
             N, N-dialkyl anilines may optionally be present as “autooxidizers,” column 3, lines 41-                   


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Last modified: November 3, 2007