Ex parte JORDAN - Page 7

          Appeal No. 1997-2700                                                        
          Application 08/307,249                                                      

          the alleged failure of Hunt’s call verification system to                   
          disclose the risk factor feature present in each of                         
          independent claims 1, 11, and 19.  Appellant’s view is                      
          summarized at page 4 of the Reply Brief as follows:                         
                    Putting it simply, the instant invention inputs                   
                    risk factor(s) into play only after a determination               
                    has been made that the voice of the caller fails to               
                    match the stored voice signature of the authentic                 
                    caller.  This is in contrast to the Hunt system                   
                    in which the predetermined call condition is taken                
                    into account to set up the thresholds before a                    
                    determination is made on whether the caller is an                 
                    authentic caller (emphasis in original).                          
               After careful review of the Hunt reference in light of                 
          the arguments of record, we are in agreement with the                       
          Examiner’s position as stated in the Answers.  We do agree                  
          with Appellant that Hunt’s establishment of the threshold                   
          “windows” for the acceptance criterion takes place prior to                 
          call placement; however, this is not the feature that the                   
          Examiner relies on for disclosing the claimed risk factor                   
          limitations.  In the Examiner’s interpretation of Hunt, with                
          which we agree, a risk factor is indeed introduced into Hunt’s              
          system after a determination that a voice print match does not              
          fall within an acceptance threshold.  This risk factor takes                


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