Ex parte JORDAN - Page 10

          Appeal No. 1997-2700                                                        
          Application 08/307,249                                                      

          USPQ 143, 147 (CCPA 1976).                                                  
               Dependent claims 4-6, argued separately by Appellant, are              
          each directed to the routing of a call under a verification                 
          procedure to an operator station if incorrect answers are                   
          supplied in response to the automated system request.  In                   
          addressing this claimed feature, the Examiner proposes to                   
          modify the purely automated system of Hunt by relying on the                
          Hou reference which provides a teaching of routing a verifying              
          call to an operator after two attempts at automated                         
          verification.  In the Examiner’s line of reasoning (Answer,                 
          page 7), the skilled artisan would have been motivated and                  
          found it obvious to provide for the forwarding of calls to an               
          operator in Hunt, as taught by Hou, to overcome the possible                
          failure of the automated query process due to environmental                 
          factors (e.g. noise) and program malfunctioning.                            
               In response, Appellant attacks (Reply Brief, page 6) the               
          Examiner’s establishment of motivation for combining Hou with               
          Hunt since the Examiner’s suggested motivation is not                       
          explicitly disclosed in Hou.  However, despite any explicit                 
          teaching in Hou of the reason for providing operator station                


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