Ex parte JORDAN - Page 8

          Appeal No. 1997-2700                                                        
          Application 08/307,249                                                      

          the form of a system prompt which asks the caller to input                  
          personal information such as social security or account                     
          numbers (Hunt, column 7, line 1).  The call in question will                
          not be completed until the caller satisfies this risk factor                
          condition by providing the correct personal information.                    
               For all of the above reasons, the Examiner’s 35 U.S.C.                 
           102(e) rejection of independent claims 1, 11, and 19 is                   
               Turning to a consideration of dependent claims 2, 10 and               
          12, separately argued by Appellant, we sustain the 35 U.S.C.               
          102(e) rejection of these claims as well.  Dependent claims 2               
          and 12 are directed to the determination made after a matching              
          process is performed as whether a call is to be completed.  In              
          our view, the passages from Hunt discussed supra relating to                
          the introduction of the personal information system prompt                  
          clearly meet such requirement.  It is further our opinion that              
          the risk factors in Hunt are clearly resident in an “audio                  
          response unit” as broadly recited in dependent claim 10.                    
          Dependent claims 3, 8, 9, 13, 18, 20, and 24 have not been                  
          argued separately and, accordingly, fall with their base                    


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Last modified: November 3, 2007