Ex parte AYLWARD - Page 2

          Appeal No. 1997-3182                                                        
          Application 08/254,643                                                      

          examiner has objected to claims 2 through 7, 9 through 14, 17               
          through 20, 23 through 26, 28 and 29 as being dependent upon a              
          rejected base claim, but indicated their allowability if                    
          rewritten in independent form including all the limitations of              
          the base claim and any intervening claims.                                  
               Representative claim 1 is reproduced below:                            
               1.  A system for extracting a bass signal from left and                
          right audio input signals of a stereo signal, said system                   
               a differencing circuit generating a difference mode                    
          signal from the left and right audio input signals;                         
               a detector circuit generating a first coefficient of                   
          proportionality that is a function of the relative phase of                 
          the left and right input signals; and                                       
               a first multiplier circuit multiplying the first                       
          coefficient of proportionality times the difference mode                    
          signal to produce a modified difference mode signal, wherein                
          the modified difference mode signal is used to generate the                 
          bass signal.                                                                
               The following references are relied on by the examiner:                
          Ishikawa et al. (Ishikawa)         4,933,768           June 12,             
          Fosgate             WO 91/19407      Dec. 12, 1991                          
          Robinson                           1,175,362           Oct.  2,             
          (Canadian Patent)                                                           


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