Ex parte AYLWARD - Page 6

          Appeal No. 1997-3182                                                        
          Application 08/254,643                                                      

               called for by claims 21 and 22.                                        
               Similarly, we also agree with appellant's observations                 
          with respect to Robinson as noted at the bottom of page 5 of                
          the reply  brief:                                                           
               The reference discloses, "The difference signal                        
               A-B is applied to a modifier network 30 having a                       
               transfer function G  to produce an audio signals V2                            4                    
               on output line 32."  Page 8, lines 5-7.  There is no                   
               disclosure whatsoever that the multiplier G  is "a                     
               first coefficient of proportionality that is a                         
               function of the relative phase of the left [or                         
               first] and right                                                       
               [or second] input signals."                                            
               Although we agree with the examiner's view expressed in                
          the answer that the difference circuit Figure 2 corresponds to              
          the differencing circuit generating a difference mode signal                
          from the left and right audio input signals as set forth in                 
          independent claims 1 and 21 on appeal, we part company with                 
          the examiner's remaining views expressed with respect to the                
          difference modifier circuit 30 in the answer.  The just quoted              
          portions of the brief and reply brief correctly reflect our                 
          understanding of the teachings of the reference with respect                
          to the difference modifier circuit 30 and its corresponding                 
          sum modifier circuit 26 and the respective transfer functions               


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Last modified: November 3, 2007