Ex Parte GOEDE et al - Page 6

          Appeal 1997-3391                                                            
          Application 08/212,578                                                      

                                  Tamás and Eichel                                    
                    26. Tamás and Eichel describe the use of                          
          pharmaceuticals in the form of sustained release compositions.              
                    27. The Tamás invention is applicable to any active               
          ingredient and is said to ensure a high active ingredient content           
          (col. 2, lines 20-22).                                                      
                    28. Release of an active ingredient can take place                
          within about 8 hours (col. 2, lines 41-43).                                 
                    29. Tamás reveals the following about the knowledge               
          possessed by one skilled in the art (col. 5, lines 24-31):                  
                    In the case of certain active ingredients the                     
               parameters which ensure optimal release rate (e.g., starting           
               particle size of the active ingredient, amount of ethyl                
               cellulose, character and amount of the disintegrating agent,           
               etc.) cannot be given in advance but are to be determined by           
               experiments which belong to the obligatory knowledge of the            
               skilled art worker and can be easily performed.                        

                    30. Eichel emphasizes a sustained-release system for              
          aspirin (col. 1, lines 15-20).                                              
                    31. With certain drugs, Eichel tells us that "repeated            
          dosages must be taken at frequent intervals to obtain long term             
          pain relief" (col. 1, lines 27-29).                                         

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