Ex parte DUESTERHOEFT et al. - Page 2

          Appeal No. 1997-3403                                                       
          Application No. 08/032,889                                                 

               The disclosed invention is directed to a grommet which is             
          formed of an elastomeric material and is securable to an edge              
          of a panel or wall of an enclosure, at an opening or recess                
          through the enclosure wall defining an exit for a cable to                 
          seal the recess around the cable when the cable has been                   
          inserted therethrough, or to seal the recess if no such cable              
          is inserted at that particular recess.  The grommet can have a             
          plurality of cable-receiving sections for sealing an array of              
          recesses.  Each cable-receiving section of grommet includes a              
          vertical virtual slit from and through a thick top edge to a               
          thick bottom edge, with the slit being openable as a cable is              
          moved laterally into the section from the top edge and toward              
          the bottom edge, and which is somewhat stiffly elastic to grip             
          the cable and close off the recess around the cable.  The                  
          grommet is secured to the enclosure wall edge by receiving                 
          into close fitting apertures respective upstanding wall                    
          sections between the cable-receiving sections, latching                    
          projections of the wall sections latch with latching recesses              
          of the grommet.  The grommet may later be removed from the                 
          edge if desired.                                                           

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Last modified: November 3, 2007