Ex parte DUESTERHOEFT et al. - Page 3

          Appeal No. 1997-3403                                                       
          Application No. 08/032,889                                                 

               Claim 1 is reproduced below as representative of the                  
                    1.  A grommet for sealing at least one entrance to               
          an enclosure through each of which is received a length                    
               of cable, each of the entrances being a recess along                  
               an edge of a panel of the enclosure, comprising:                      
                    an integral member molded of elastomeric material                
          and       having thick top and bottom edge portions and                    
                    including cable-receiving sections associated                    
                    with each of said recesses along said edge of a                  
                    said panel of said enclosure, each said cable-                   
                    receiving section coextending from said top edge                 
                    portion to said bottom edge portion and                          
                    including a virtual slit extending through and                   
                    downwardly from said top edge portion and                        
                    concluding at said bottom edge portion; and                      
                    thick portions beside each said cable-receiving                  
          section between said top and bottom edge portions,                         
                    each said cable-receiving section comprising a pair              
          of opposed stiff deflectable portions along said top                       
               edge portion adjacent said virtual slit                               
               therebetween, and a diaphragm section downwardly                      
               from and adjacent said opposed stiff deflectable                      
               portions and joined only initially to said stiff                      
               deflectable portions by a frangible section                           
               therebetween, said diaphragm section defined by at                    
               least a first pair of opposed resilient strips                        
               extending from respective thickened portions to free                  
               ends adjacent said virtual slit therebetween, all so                  
               that a cable portion is insertable into a respective                  
               said cable-receiving section from said top edge                       
               portion by being urged along said virtual slit                        
               deflecting apart and moving past said stiff                           
               deflectable portions and at least deflecting apart                    
               adjacent ends of a first said pair of said opposed                    
               resilient strips, with at least said stiff                            
               deflectable portions closing together after said                      

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Last modified: November 3, 2007