Ex parte VOIT - Page 4

          Appeal No.  1998-0015                                                       
          Application No. 08/388,058                                                  

               The reference relied on by the examiner is:                            
          Moore et al. (Moore)          5,506,897                Apr. 9,              
               Claims 1 through 8 and 20 through 31 stand rejected under              
          35 U.S.C.  102(e) as being anticipated by Moore.                           
               Reference is made to the final rejection, the brief and                
          the answer for the respective positions of the appellant and                
          the examiner.                                                               
               The only argument presented by appellant is that column                
          23, lines 19 through 23 of Moore does not disclose a                        
          “graphical user interface” (Brief, pages 6 through 8).                      
          According to the appellant (Brief, pages 6 and 7):                          
                    Column [2]3, lines 9-13 indicate that “[t]he                      
               client . . . provides a detailed street map with the                   
               polygon service area of the service location drawn                     
               on the street map . . .”  Figure 13 shows what the                     
               client provides.  It is clear that the drawing                         
               provided by the client indicated at 640 in Figure 13                   
               refers to a drawing on a physical map designed to                      
               communicate to the user of the Moore invention where                   
               the boundaries should be placed.  It does not imply                    
               at all the use of a graphical user interface.  The                     
               information from the marked up street map provided                     
               by the client is entered into the system as                            
               described in the portion of the specification                          
               referred to by the Examiner, namely, column 23,                        
               lines 19-23.  This interpretation of column 23 is                      
               reinforced by the discussion relating to Figure 4.                     

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