Ex parte VOIT - Page 6

          Appeal No.  1998-0015                                                       
          Application No. 08/388,058                                                  

                    The client provides a client service                              
                    locations file 109 (Fig. 1A) of service                           
                    locations in machine readable form with                           
                    information and format as shown in Table 3.                       
                    The file 109 can be created by, for example,                      
                    a commonly available word processing program                      
                    or a database program, and submitted on a                         
                    floppy disk or other suitable media . . .                         
                    [column 15, lines 60-65].                                         
                    The service radius (e.g. 2.5 mile radius from                     
               the Mypizza Restorante) of the Moore et al. patent                     
               is determined from a centroid table for each zip+4                     
               zip code entry.  If the zip+4 is determined to be at                   
               or inside the service area radius, a raw client                        
               table record is written that includes the zip+4                        
               code, the client telephone number for the instant                      
               service location and the distance of the zip+4                         
               centroid to the service location.                                      
               Appellant concludes (Brief, page 7) that “[t]here is                   
          absolutely nothing in Moore et al. which suggests that a                    
          graphical user interface is utilized to define the service                  
               In response to appellant’s argument, the examiner                      
          contends (Answer, page 4) that “the Moore et al. reference                  
          does provide for the use of a graphical user interface in that              
          it suggests using a commercially available GIS (Geographic                  
          Information System - a computer program that provides visual                
          interpretation of information represented by a coordinate                   
          system) such as Infomark for Windows (col. 23, lines 13-25).”               

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