Ex parte KORIYAMA et al. - Page 2

              Appeal No. 1998-0453                                                                                        
              Application No. 08/381,306                                                                                  


                     The appellants’ invention relates to a magnetic disk drive having means for                          
              reducing disk deformation.  An understanding of the invention can be derived from a                         
              reading of exemplary claim 13, which is reproduced below.                                                   
                     13.    A clamping structure for clamping n disks, wherein n is greater than 3,                       
                            a spindle hub for receiving said disks and having a flange at a first                         
                     end thereof, said flange having a first protruding portion, said disks being                         
                     stacked on said first protruding portion;                                                            
                            n-1 spacers interposed between adjacent ones of said n disks, said                            
                     n-1 spacers including an uppermost spacer and a lowermost spacer; and                                
                            a clamp ring fixed to a second end of said spindle hub, said clamp                            
                     ring having a second protruding portion for biasing said disks toward said                           
                     flange of said spindle hub,                                                                          
                            wherein only an outer circumference of said uppermost spacer and                              
                     an outer circumference [sic: of] said lowermost spacer include an annular                            
                     The prior art references of record relied upon by the examiner in rejecting the                      
              appealed claims are:                                                                                        
              Brooks et al. (Brooks)                     5,006,942                    Apr. 09, 1991                       
              Brue et al. (Brue)                         5,267,106                    Nov. 30, 1993                       


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