Ex parte TAKEUCHI - Page 6

          Appeal No. 1998-0915                                                        
          Application No. 08/441,194                                                  

          on our agreement with appellant’s position that Ipposhi                     
          fundamentally teaches away from the claimed invention.                      
          Each of independent claims 1 and 2 recites that the                         
          connecting portion of a piezoresistance element has at least                
          one subgrain boundary transverse to and intersecting the edges              
          of the recrystallized silicon film on which a gauge resistor                
          is formed.  Appellant properly points out that the entire                   
          thrust of Ipposhi’s disclosure is to prevent such subgrain                  
          boundaries from occurring in the claimed location.  Although                
          Ipposhi discloses several different embodiments for handling                
          subgrain boundaries in such piezoresistance elements, all of                
          Ipposhi’s embodiments avoid the occurrence of subgrain                      
          boundaries occurring transverse to the connecting portion of                
          the resistor between the end contacts of the resistor.                      
          The examiner postulates that since Ipposhi teaches that                     
          four resistors are connected in a bridge arrangement in                     
          piezoelectric pressure detectors, then the interconnection of               
          four such resistors in Ipposhi would necessarily require that               
          the resistors cross such subgrain boundaries.  The examiner                 
          notes that Ipposhi teaches the presence of conductive portions              
          at the subgrain boundaries [Figure 7], and the examiner finds               

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Last modified: November 3, 2007