Ex parte TAKEUCHI - Page 7

          Appeal No. 1998-0915                                                        
          Application No. 08/441,194                                                  

          that it would have been obvious to metallize these subgrain                 
          boundaries or dope them to eliminate the potential barrier                  
          effect of such boundaries.                                                  
          We do not agree with the examiner’s basic assumption that                   
          a plurality of resistors in Ipposhi must contain subgrain                   
          boundaries located within the resistors as recited in claims 1              
          and 2.  Each of the resistors 4 in the bridge circuit of                    
          Ipposhi can be separately formed to individually have no                    
          subgrain boundaries within them as taught by Ipposhi.  Note                 
          that Ipposhi specifically discloses that “each piezo                        
          resistance 4 is formed on a region of the single crystal layer              
          provided with no crystal sub-grain boundaries 51" [column 8,                
          lines 58-60].  We see no reason why the interconnection of                  
          these resistances 4 would require the introduction of any                   
          additional subgrain boundaries.  As noted above, Ipposhi                    
          specifically excludes the presence of subgrain boundaries                   
          occurring within the resistance elements as recited in claims               
          1 and 2.  Any attempt to modify Ipposhi to include such                     
          subgrain boundaries would defeat the very purpose of Ipposhi,               
          and would represent a hindsight attempt to reconstruct the                  
          claimed invention.                                                          

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Last modified: November 3, 2007