Ex parte HARDEE - Page 15

          Appeal No. 1998-1657                                      Page 15           
          Application No. 08/674,282                                                  

          that the word lines WL and WLC are connected to memory cells                
          400 and 500 rather than to sense amplifier 504.                             

               Similarly, Figure 2a of Young shows word line WL                       
          connected to elements 21a, 21b, 24a, and 24b.  As evidenced by              
          Leung and contrary to the examiner's allegation, therefore,                 
          persons skilled in the art would interpret the elements as                  
          forming a memory latch rather than a sense amplifier latch.                 
          Also contrary to the examiner's allegation, such persons would              
          then interpret elements 25, 27, and 28 as the "local or column              
          sense amplifier," col. 1, ll. 65-66, shown in the Figure                    
          rather than as a local column read amplifier.  In summary, the              
          examiner fails to show that Young teaches a local column read               
          amplifier let alone such an amplifier coupled to data read                  
          lines and to an internal node of a sense amplifier latch.  He               
          fails to allege, let alone show, that Toshiba remedies the                  
          defect of Young.                                                            

               Because Young omits a local column read amplifier, we are              
          not persuaded that teachings from the prior art would have                  
          suggested the limitations of "a plurality of column read                    

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