Ex parte KAWANA et al. - Page 2

                 Appeal No. 1998-2493                                                                                                              
                 Application No. 08/658,120                                                                                                        

                         The invention is directed to an auto-loading disk player.  In particular, a signal from                                   
                 a load detecting device (which detects when a disk has been loaded on the                                                         
                 turntable and provides a signal indicative of the open/close state of a manually moveable                                         
                 console panel) causes the immediate loading of a disk when it is detected that the console                                        
                 panel is not open and one of the following two states is occurring: 1. The disk is being                                          
                 ejected or 2. The disk is positioned in the inserting port.                                                                       
                         Claim 1 is reproduced as follows:                                                                                         
                         1.  An auto-loading disk player comprising:                                                                               
                                  a manually movable console panel rotatably mounted on a front                                                    
                         surface of a housing for the player;                                                                                      
                                  a disk recording medium inserting port provided on said housing at                                               
                         the back of said console panel; and                                                                                       
                                  a transferring means for loading a disk recording medium inserted                                                
                         from said disk recording medium inserting port into a playback mechanism                                                  
                         and ejecting the medium from the playback mechanism to said disk                                                          
                         recording medium inserting port, and                                                                                      
                                  a detecting means for detecting and providing a signal representative                                            
                         of an opening/closing state of said console panel; wherein said                                                           
                                                                                                       to said                                     


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