Ex parte KAWANA et al. - Page 5

                 Appeal No. 1998-2493                                                                                                              
                 Application No. 08/658,120                                                                                                        

                 appellants and the examiner.                                                                                                      
                         We affirm.                                                                                                                
                         There is no dispute that APA teaches the subject matter of instant claim 1 but for                                        
                 the “detecting means...”  The examiner employs Hamachi for the teaching of such a                                                 
                 detecting means and, although Hamachi is directed to loading digital cassettes and not                                            
                 disks, appellants do not argue this difference as being nonobvious or that the cassette                                           
                 nature of Hamachi would make it inapplicable for combining with APA.                                                              
                         Further, Hamachi does, indeed, disclose detecting means for detecting and                                                 
                 providing a signal representative of an opening/closing state of a console panel, or                                              

                 door.  The detectors are seen as elements 36 and 37.  The issue is whether Hamachi                                                
                 discloses a means for “immediately loading said disk recording medium” into the disk                                              
                 player “when it [is] detected that said console panel is not open in at least one of states                                       
                 that said disk recording medium is being ejected and that said recording medium is                                                
                 positioned in said recording medium inserting port.”                                                                              
                         The examiner points to column 3, lines 17-23, column 9, lines 15-17, and column 9,                                        


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