Ex parte KAWANA et al. - Page 6

                 Appeal No. 1998-2493                                                                                                              
                 Application No. 08/658,120                                                                                                        

                 line 65 through column 10, line 2 of Hamachi for a showing of this limitation.  Appellants                                        
                 contend that Hamachi merely senses whether the door is not closed and, if it is not closed,                                       
                 a cassette loading instruction is invalidated.  It is further argued, in distinction, that the                                    
                 instant invention recites that if it is detected that the door is not open during the                                             
                 transportation of the disk or when the disk is at the inserting slot, the disk is immediately                                     
                 loaded into the apparatus.  In the reply brief, appellants stress that the instant invention is                                   
                 directed to operations performed after the start of the ejection operation whereas Hamachi                                        
                 is silent about control operations subsequent to the start of the ejection operation.                                             

                         We recognize that the instant disclosed invention differs from that of Hamachi.                                           

                 However, it is our view that appellants are reading the limitations of instant claim 1                                            

                 much too narrowly.  The argued limitation of the instant invention, as claimed, is clearly met                                    

                 by Hamachi during the situation when the door is closed (this state of the door                                                   
                 being detected) and the cassette is loaded into the player.  Claim 1 recites that the                                             
                 recording medium is loaded into the player when it is detected that the door is not open,                                         


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Last modified: November 3, 2007