Ex parte HURST et al. - Page 6

          Appeal No. 1998-2556                                                        
          Application 08/571,044                                                      

          the examiner indicates how he perceives the claimed invention               
          to be fully met by the disclosure of Grotz [answer, pages 4-                
          5].  Appellants respond that Grotz has no “means for                        
          estimating noise” as recited in claim 1.  Since there is no                 
          means for estimating noise in Grotz, appellants also argue                  
          that Grotz has no nonlinear processing means with a transfer                
          function which is responsive to the noise estimate [brief,                  
          pages 5-7].  The examiner responds that the MCFE circuit of                 
          Grotz inherently functions to estimate noise since Grotz                    
          reduces small noise-like disturbances through errors in the                 
          motion-compensated prediction and the DCT coding [answer,                   
          pages 13-14].                                                               
          After a careful consideration of the Grotz disclosure,                      
          we agree with appellants that Grotz does not anticipate the                 
          invention of claim 1.  Although Grotz does disclose that his                
          system can reduce small noise-like disturbances, Grotz does                 
          not achieve this function by controlling a nonlinear                        
          processing means as a function of a determined noise estimate               
          signal.  As pointed out by appellants, there is no disclosure               
          in Grotz of estimating noise and using that estimate as a                   
          control parameter.  Grotz estimates the picture information                 

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Last modified: November 3, 2007