Ex parte HUSTON et al. - Page 4

          Appeal No. 1999-0172                                                        
          Application 08/334,733                                                      

               means for intermittently communicating global positioning              
          data between said remote receiver transmitters and said base                
               reference receiver means positioned at a known position                
          for receiving signals from the global positioning satellite                 
          system to determine a reference apparent position and for                   
          calculating an error correction based on the difference                     
          between the known position and the apparent position;                       
               the base station including means for receiving global                  
          positioning data of a remote receiver from said communicating               
          means, means for receiving said error correction from said                  
          reference receiver means, means for deriving a corrected                    
          location of said remote receiver using said error correction                
          and said global positioning data, and means for displaying the              
          location of said remote receiver in said freight yard.                      
               10.  A method for determining locations of freight                     
          containers in a freight yard comprising:                                    
               attaching a number of GPS receivers to a number of                     
          freight containers in said freight yard;                                    
               operating each receiver to receive GPS signals indicative              
          of receiver position;                                                       
               intermittently operating each receiver to transmit data                
          indicative of receiver identification and receiver position,                
          including the substep of determining time and initiating said               
          intermittent transmission based on said time;                               
               receiving said receiver identification and receiver                    
          position at a base station;                                                 
               correction said receiver positions at the base station to              
          determine corrected positions of said receivers; and                        
               displaying the identification and corrected position of                
          said receivers in said freight yard.                                        


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Last modified: November 3, 2007