Ex parte HUSTON et al. - Page 15

          Appeal No. 1999-0172                                                        
          Application 08/334,733                                                      

          lines 11 through 14; and column 3, lines 6 through 10).  The                
          system includes mobile tracking units 10 on each vehicle 12, a              
          GPS communications link 14, and a remote control station 18                 
          having display devices for showing the locations of the                     

               Alesio discloses a vehicle theft detection system wherein              
          each vehicle is equipped with a vehicle monitoring unit which               
          when activated monitors a current stationary position of the                
          vehicle and automatically transmits GPS derived position                    
          signals to a remote dispatch center upon movement of the                    
          vehicle beyond a range of movement preselected by the vehicle               

               Conceding that each of these primary references fails to               
          meet the error correction limitations in claims 1, 10 and/or                
          27, the examiner has concluded that it would have been obvious              
          to one of ordinary skill in the art to provide each primary                 
          reference with error correction features of the sort claimed                
          in view of either Mansell or Bickley in order to increase the               
          accuracy of the GPS derived locations (see pages 8 through 11               

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