Ex parte HUSTON et al. - Page 9

          Appeal No. 1999-0172                                                        
          Application 08/334,733                                                      

          tracking, cargo location, and so forth” (column 6, lines 48                 
          through 50).  In this vein, Mansell notes, for example, that                
          “freight hauling firms have always had a need for tracking the              
          vehicles in their fleets” (column 2, lines 2 and 3).  In                    
          general, the system consists of a set of mobile units 100                   
          provided on respective vehicles 102 (e.g., delivery vehicles),              
          a control center 150 and a communications link 110 between the              
          mobile units and the control center.  Each mobile unit                      
          includes a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver 314 and a               
          transceiver/antenna assembly 316, 316A, and the control center              
          includes a communications controller 170, a reference GPS                   
          receiver for providing real-time error correction of the                    
          vehicle location measurement using differential GPS techniques              
          (see column 7, line 42, through column 8, line 6) and displays              
          182 for graphically showing the locations of the vehicles on                
          maps.  The system functions as described throughout the                     
          Mansell disclosure to accurately track the real-time locations              
          of the vehicles.                                                            

               Anticipation is established when a single prior art                    
          reference discloses, expressly or under principles of                       

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