Ex Parte Malackowski et al - Page 9

                Appeal 2006-1914                                                                               
                Application 09/764,609                                                                         

           1       10.  One particular advantage of such a system is that it may be                            
           2          configured to track a wide variety of medical instruments simply by                      
           3          reinitializing the imaging system each time a new instrument is                          
           4          attached so that the system will be properly configured according to                     
           5          the attached instrument.  Such initialization information can include,                   
           6          for example, the number of energy-emitting elements on the                               
           7          instrument, the location of the energy-emitting elements relative to a                   
           8          work portion of the medical instrument, and the like.  Usually, such                     
           9          information is manually entered into the computer, such as by use of a                   
          10          keyboard or the like.  However, manually initializing the imaging                        
          11          system in such a manner suffers from a number of serious drawbacks.                      
          12          (Chader, col. 1, l. 56 – col. 2, l. 1.)                                                  
          14       11.  [I]t would be desirable to provide improvements in the initialization                  
          15          of the imaging system so that initialization information can correctly                   
          16          and efficiently be input into the system.  Such improvements should                      
          17          also provide improved safety by ensuring that the imaging system is                      
          18          properly initialized upon connection of each type of medical                             
          19          instrument.  (Chader, col. 2, ll. 14-20.)                                                
          21       12.  The imaging system further includes a means for detecting the                          
          22          energy and a processor for determining the location of the medical                       
          23          instrument based on the detected energy.  Such an imaging system is                      
          24          improved by providing a means on or in the medical instrument for                        
          25          storing initialization information, such as the location of the energy-                  
          26          emitting means relative to the instrument body.  (Chader, col. 2, ll. 49-                
          27          55.)                                                                                     
          29       13.  Optionally, the storing means may include information relating to the                  
          30          particular configuration of the attachment so that different types of                    
          31          attachments may be employed without having to manually enter                             
          32          initialization information regarding the configuration of the                            
          33          attachment.  (Chader, col. 3, ll. 21-26.)                                                
          35       14.  With such a configuration, the storing means will include                              
          36          information relating to the location of the energy-emitting elements                     
          37          relative to the selected type of instrument body so that the processor                   


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