Ex Parte He et al - Page 2

                Appeal 2007-1394                                                                             
                Application 10/301,464                                                                       

                      Appellants’ invention is directed to a chemical mechanical polishing                   
                (CMP) polisher wafer pedestal (chuck) comprising a plate and a non-                          
                adhesive edge contact ring connected to the plate.  According to Appellants,                 
                reducing the contact between a wafer pedestal and the active dies of a wafer                 
                to be held thereon can be accomplished via the disposition of an edge                        
                contact ring on a top plate shaped surface of the pedestal (Specification 1-4).              
                A prior art film that allegedly covered a larger portion of the top plate                    
                surface of a pedestal is acknowledged to be known in the art (Specification                  
                1-3, Figs. 1-2).  However, Appellants’ invention is said to reduce                           
                contamination of the wafer surface with potentially contaminating film                       
                materials; that is, particles shed by such a film material (Specification 3-4).              
                The provision of an edge contact ring with a specified maximum width is                      
                disclosed as one embodiment or part of an embodiment of reduced contact                      
                pedestal covering(s) that  provide wafer support without the edge ring                       
                contacting the active die of the wafer (Specification 5, Figs. 5 and 6).  The                
                edge ring can be made from the same material as the prior art plate film                     
                covering (id.).  Claims 5 and 15 are illustrative and reproduced below:                      
                      5.  A wafer pedestal of a CMP polisher comprising:                                     
                      a plate having ports for providing deionized water and a vacuum, said                  
                plate located in said CMP polisher;                                                          
                      a non-adhesive edge-contact ring connected to said plate, said non-                    
                adhesive edge-contact ring also coupled to a face down wafer substantially                   
                in areas of said wafer not containing full active die.                                       


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