Michigan Compiled Laws § 332.151 County Sanatoriums; Establishment, Procedure, Site, Minimum Size.

332.151 County sanatoriums; establishment, procedure, site, minimum size.

Sec. 1.

It shall be competent for the board of supervisors of any county in this state having a population of more than 30,000 according to the last official census of the federal government to establish, maintain and operate a hospital or sanatorium for the treatment of tuberculosis in accordance with the provisions of this act. Said board shall designate the site on which such sanatorium shall be placed and the sum or sums of money appropriated for construction and equipment purposes. Immediately upon the taking of such action by any board of supervisors subject to the provisions hereof, it shall be the duty of the clerk of the board to certify to the state commissioner of health a copy of the resolution or resolutions adopted. Thereupon it shall be the duty of said commissioner to cooperate with the board of supervisors, or with any committee thereof selected for such purpose, in the preparation or selection of plans for the building or buildings to be erected: Provided, That no sanatorium hereafter erected under the provisions of this act shall be upon lands used by or controlled by a county poor commission, or used or intended to be used as a county poor farm, and no such sanatorium shall be erected having provision and room for less than 50 beds.

History: 1925, Act 177, Eff. Aug. 27, 1925 ;-- CL 1929, 7044 ;-- CL 1948, 332.151

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