Michigan Compiled Laws § 332.159 County Sanatoriums; Admission Of Residents And Nonresidents; Reports; Reimbursement By State; Payment.

332.159 County sanatoriums; admission of residents and nonresidents; reports; reimbursement by state; payment.

Sec. 9.

A sanatorium established under this act shall be maintained and operated for the benefit of the residents of the county or counties establishing and maintaining it. The board of trustees shall make regulations covering the admission and conduct of patients and may exclude any person or persons willfully violating the regulations. Any person afflicted with tuberculosis may be admitted to the sanatorium on a certificate of the health officer of the city, village, township, county, or district in which that person resides. If the facilities of the sanatorium will permit, the board of trustees may in its discretion accept patients afflicted with tuberculosis who are not residents of the county or counties establishing and maintaining the sanatorium, upon the terms and conditions as may be mutually agreed upon. On the first day of each month the board of trustees or the medical superintendent of the sanatorium, whether organized and established under the provisions of this act or any other act or acts permitting counties to erect and maintain sanatoriums for treatment of tuberculosis, shall report to the director of the department of community health the number of patients treated during the preceding month, with detailed information as the director may require. The reports shall show specifically the number of patients treated, with the compensation and aggregate number of weeks of the treatment. The report shall be verified by the medical superintendent or by the president of the board of trustees. If accepted and approved by the director of the department of community health, he or she shall certify to the state treasurer that the sanatorium in question has treated without compensation patients for an aggregate specified number of days. The state treasurer shall pay the county treasurer having the funds of the sanatorium in his or her custody an amount as will constitute compensation for such free patients on the basis of $6.00 per day each. It is the intent of the legislature that the state shall contribute towards the cost of maintaining and treating free patients the sum of $6.00 for each day of the care and treatment. All sums due any county from the state of Michigan under this act shall be a continuing obligation of the state and shall be paid out of any funds that may be appropriated by the legislature for that purpose.

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