Michigan Compiled Laws § 332.164 Contracts With Approved Sanatorium; Report To Director Of Department Of Community Health; Reimbursement By State; Payment.

332.164 Contracts with approved sanatorium; report to director of department of community health; reimbursement by state; payment.

Sec. 14.

Whenever the board of supervisors of any county contracts with the management or owners of any hospital or sanatorium for the treatment of persons afflicted with tuberculosis and that hospital or sanatorium is approved by the director of the department of community health, as provided in the preceding section, the clerk of that county, or the board of county auditors in counties having such boards, or other legally designated authority, on the first day of each month, shall report to the director of the department of community health the number of patients treated at the sanatorium or hospital during the preceding month on contract with the county, with detailed information as the director may require. The reports shall show specifically the number of patients treated, any compensation paid by the county for the treatment, and the aggregate number of days of the treatment. The report shall be verified by the officer or officers making the report. Upon receipt and approval of the report by the director of the department of community health, he or she shall certify to the state treasurer that the county in question has caused to be treated, without compensation to it, patients for an aggregate specified number of days based upon the report. The state treasurer shall pay the county treasurer of the county an amount as will constitute compensation for such patients on the basis of $6.00 per day each. It is the intent of the legislature that the state shall contribute towards the cost of maintaining and treating such patients the sum of $6.00 for each day of such care and treatment. If the sum appropriated by the legislature is not sufficient to pay all demands, then the funds appropriated shall be paid pro rata to the counties and cities entitled to the funds, and the contributions shall be made in accordance with rules and regulations promulgated by the director of the department of community health for the purpose of protecting the rights of all affected counties and cities in the fund.

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