Michigan Compiled Laws § 332.156 Joint County Sanatorium; Special Tax Fund, Expenditures.

332.156 Joint county sanatorium; special tax fund, expenditures.

Sec. 6.

The board of supervisors of each county becoming a party to the erection of a joint sanatorium under the provisions of this act may raise in any 1 year for construction or maintenance purposes a sum not exceeding 1 mill on each dollar of assessed valuation of said county. Such tax shall be regarded as a special tax and the moneys received therefrom shall be transmitted by the treasurer of the county in which it is collected to the treasurer of the county in which the sanatorium is to be constructed. All such moneys shall be and remain in a special fund and shall be used solely for the purposes for which the tax is spread: Provided, however, That money raised for construction purposes and not needed therefor may be expended by the board of trustees for maintenance and operation. Money expended for the construction, equipment and installation of equipment of any joint county sanatorium shall be paid out by the county treasurer having such fund in charge on the order of the board of trustees of such sanatorium.

History: 1925, Act 177, Eff. Aug. 27, 1925 ;-- CL 1929, 7049 ;-- CL 1948, 332.156

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