New Jersey Revised Statutes § 13:13a-13 - Master Plan For Physical Development Of Park; Review Of State Projects, Permits.

13:13A-13 Master plan for physical development of park; review of State projects, permits.

13. a. The commission shall prepare, or cause to be prepared, and, after a public hearing, or public hearings, and pursuant to the provisions provided for in subsection 13 b. of this act, adopt a master plan or portion thereof for the physical development of the park, which plan may include proposals for various stages in the future development of the park, or amend the master plan. The master plan shall include a report presenting the objectives, assumptions, standards and principles which are embodied in the various interlocking portions of the master plan. The master plan shall be a composite of the one or more written proposals recommending the physical development and expansion of the park either in its entirety or a portion thereof which the commission shall prepare after meetings with the governing bodies of the affected municipalities and counties, and any agencies and instrumentalities thereof.

b.In preparing the master plan or any portion thereof or amendment thereto the commission shall give due consideration to: (1) the function of the canal as a major water supply facility in the State; (2) the necessity to provide recreational activities to the citizens of this State, including but not limited to, facilities, design capacities, and relationship to other available recreational areas; (3) existing historical sites and potential restorations or compatible development; (4) the range of uses and potential uses of the canal in the urban environments of the older, intensively developed communities through which it passes; and (5) designated wilderness areas to be kept as undeveloped, limited-access areas restricted to canoeing and hiking. In preparing the master plan or any portion thereof or amendment thereto the commission shall consider existing patterns of development and any relevant master plan or other plan of development, and shall insure widespread citizen involvement and participation in the planning process.

c.The commission shall act in support of local suggestions or desires to complement the park master plan. Consultation, planning, and technical expertise will be made available to local planning bodies that wish to implement land-use policy to enhance the park area. The commission shall act on or refer complaints by citizens' groups or private residents who discover hazardous situations, pollution, or evidence of noncompliance with use regulations.

d.The commission shall review and approve, reject or modify, any State project planned or State permits issued in the park, and submit its decision to the Governor.

e.The commission shall consult with the Highlands Water Protection and Planning Council, established pursuant to section 4 of P.L.2004, c.120 (C.13:20-4), on any provision of the park master plan that may impact upon or otherwise affect the Highlands Region or the Highlands regional master plan, as defined in section 3 of P.L.2004, c.120 (C.13:20-3), and any such provision shall be consistent with the Highlands regional master plan adopted by the council pursuant to that act.

L.1974,c.118,s.13; amended 2004, c.120, s.55.

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