New Jersey Revised Statutes § 13:17-11 - Provisions Of Master Plan For Location And Use Of Buildings, Structures And Facilities; Land Use; Codes And Standards

13:17-11. Provisions of master plan for location and use of buildings, structures and facilities; land use; codes and standards
(a) The master plan shall include provisions or criteria for the location and use of buildings, structures, facilities, and land for solid waste disposal, and may include provisions for: (1) the use of land and buildings, residential, commercial, industrial, mining, agricultural, park and other like purposes; (2) service-water supply, utilities, sewerage, and other like matters; (3) transportation, streets, parking, public transit lines and stations both above and below ground level, freight facilities, airports, harbors, channels, docks and wharves, and other like matters; (4) housing, residential standards, clearance, redevelopment, rehabilitation, conservation, and other like matters; (5) water, forest, soil conservation, flood control, and other like matters; (6) public and semipublic facilities including but not limited to civic centers, schools, libraries, parks, playgrounds, fire houses, police buildings, hospitals, and other like matters; (7) the distribution and density of population; (8) planned unit development; (9) community appearance; (10) financing and programming capital improvements; (11) and other related elements of growth and development, including the social implications of any proposed development, and advances in technology related to any subject included in the plan.

(b) The plan may also include codes and standards covering land use, comprehensive zoning, subdivisions, building construction and design, housing, and the control of air and water pollution and solid waste disposal which has been approved by the State Department of Health, and other subjects necessary to carry out the plan or to undertake a workable program of community improvement. No codes or standards concerning building construction and design shall be promulgated without the certificate of the chief engineer or equivalent official of the commission that the proposed codes and standards meet the engineering standards adopted by the commission. No municipality shall enact or enforce any code which is inconsistent with the code contained in the master plan insofar as such code applies to property within the district; provided, however, that the governing body or other appropriate body of each constituent municipality may enact zoning ordinances and any other codes or standards, which it is authorized by the laws of this State to enact, for lands within the boundaries of said municipality which are subject to the jurisdiction of the commission and which will effectuate the purposes of the commission's master plan.

L.1968, c. 404, s. 10.

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