New Jersey Revised Statutes § 13:17-17 - Project Sites; Suitability Of Locations And Sizes; Reservation; Grant Of Building Permits

13:17-17. Project sites; suitability of locations and sizes; reservation; grant of building permits
(a) If portions of the master plan contain proposals for drainage rights-of-way, roads or streets, schools, colleges, parks, playgrounds, or for any project as defined in this act, before approving any subdivision or site plan, the commission may require that such project sites be shown in locations and of sizes suitable to their intended uses. The commission shall be permitted to reserve the location and extent of such project sites shown on the master plan or any part thereof for a period of 1 year after the approval of the subdivision or site plan or within such further time as agreed to by the applying party. Unless during each 1 year period or extension thereof the commission shall have entered into a contract to purchase or institute condemnation proceedings according to law for said project site, the developer shall not be bound by the proposals for such areas shown on the plan. This subsection shall not apply to streets and roads and drainage rights-of-way required for approval of any subdivision or site plan and deemed essential to the public welfare.

(b) Whenever one or more parcels of land on which is located such a project site cannot yield a reasonable return to the owner unless a building permit is granted or a subdivision or site plan is approved, the commission may, in a specific case, by a majority vote, grant a permit for a building on such project site, which will as little as practicable diminish the area and use of the project site for its intended purposes, or may pay over to the developer the amount of damages found by the commission to have been caused by the delay in approval or acquisition.

L.1968, c. 404, s. 16.

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