New Jersey Revised Statutes § 13:17-20 - Declaration Of District As Renewal Area; Necessary Findings; Investigation; Notice And Hearing; Review By Court; Acquisition Of Land; Development

13:17-20. Declaration of district as renewal area; necessary findings; investigation; notice and hearing; review by court; acquisition of land; development
(a) Pursuant to the procedure hereinafter provided, the commission shall have the exclusive power to declare the district or any portion thereof to be a renewal area; provided, that the commission shall find prior to such declaration that there exist in the district or portion thereof the conditions of "blight" as said conditions are defined in section 3 of chapter 306 of laws of 1949 (P.L.1949, c. 306). It is hereby determined by the Legislature that such conditions contained in section 3 of chapter 306 of laws of 1949 (P.L.1949, c. 306) are a social and economic liability to the district.

(b) Prior to declaring any portion of the district a renewal area the commission by resolution shall provide for a preliminary investigation. Upon the adoption of such a resolution, the commission shall prepare a map showing the boundaries of the area to be investigated and the location of the various parcels of property located therein, and shall append thereto a statement setting forth the reasons for the investigation.

(c) The commission shall thereupon cause a hearing to be held at an appointed time and place for the purpose of hearing persons interested in, or who would be affected by, a determination that the area is a renewal area as defined in this act and who are in favor of or are opposed to such determination.

(d) A notice of such hearing shall be given setting forth the general boundaries of the area to be investigated and stating that a map has been prepared and can be inspected at the office of the commission. A copy of such notice shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the district once each week for 2 consecutive weeks and the last publication shall be not less than 10 days prior to the date set for the hearing. A copy of the notice shall be mailed at least 10 days prior to the date set for the hearing to the last owner, if any, of each parcel of property within the area according to the assessment records of the municipality where the parcel is located. Such notice shall be sent to the last known postal address of such owners. A notice shall also be sent to any and all persons at his, or their last known address, if any, whose names are noted on said assessment records as claimants of an interest in any such parcel. The assessor of such municipality shall make such a notation upon the said records when requested so to do by any person claiming to have an interest in any parcel of property in such municipality. Failure to mail any such notice shall not invalidate the investigation or determination thereon.

(e) At the hearing, which may be adjourned from time to time the commission shall hear all persons interested in the investigation and shall consider any, and all, written objections that may be filed and any evidence which may be introduced in support of the objections, or any opposition to a determination that the area is a renewal area. After the hearing the commission shall, by resolution, determine that the area or any part thereof is, or is not, a renewal area, as defined in this act. A determination that the area or any part thereof is a renewal area, if supported by substantial evidence, shall be binding and conclusive upon all persons affected by the determination. If the determination is that the area or any part thereof is a renewal area, the commission within 10 days after such determination, shall cause to be served a copy of the resolution upon each person who filed a written objection at or prior to the hearing; provided, the address of the objector was stated in, or upon, the written objection.

Such service may be made (1) by delivering a copy of the resolution personally to the objector, (2) by mailing such copy addressed to the objector according to his said stated address, or (3) by leaving such copy at said stated address for the objector with a person of suitable age and discretion.

(f) Any person who shall have filed such a written objection with the commission, may have a determination that an area is a renewal area reviewed by the Superior Court of New Jersey by procedure in lieu of prerogative writs. An action for any such review shall be commenced within 30 days after the determination by the commission. In any such action, the said court may make any incidental order that shall be deemed by the court to be proper.

(g) If the determination is that an area is a renewal area, the commission may, but shall not be required to, acquire the real property within the area by purchase, or by eminent domain proceedings, and may proceed with the clearance, replanning, development or redevelopment of the area as a public purpose and for public use, or the commission may, by resolution, agree that a redeveloper may undertake such clearance, replanning, development or redevelopment in accordance with statutory authority and subject to the provisions of paragraph 1, Section III, Article VII, of the New Jersey Constitution.

L.1968, c. 404, s. 19.

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