New Jersey Revised Statutes § 13:17-50 - Consideration Of Report; Notice; Adoption And Confirmation; Appeal

13:17-50. Consideration of report; notice; adoption and confirmation; appeal
The report may be considered by the commission at any meeting, notice whereof shall be published in a newspaper circulating in the district, once each week for 2 weeks prior to said meeting, and also by mailing a copy of the notice to the owners named in the report, directed to his or their last known post-office addresses, and the affidavit of the appropriate officer of the commission shall be conclusive as to such mailing. The notice shall briefly state the object of the meeting with reference to the assessment. At that or any subsequent meeting the commission, after considering the report and map, may adopt and confirm the same with or without alterations, as may seem proper, and may refer such matter to any committee of the commission, or to the officer making such assessment, for revision or correction before taking final action thereon. When the report shall be adopted and confirmed with or without alterations, it shall be final and conclusive and appeals may be taken as hereinafter provided. Failure to mail the notice in this section required shall not invalidate the proceedings.

L.1968, c. 404, s. 49.

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