New Jersey Revised Statutes § 13:17-52 - Levy And Payment Of Special Assessments; Establishment And Administration Of Revolving Fund

13:17-52. Levy and payment of special assessments; establishment and administration of revolving fund
(a) Special assessments levied against land in class 1 shall be considered to be of general benefit to the entire district and shall be included as a charge against general revenues of the commission or paid out of any funds of the commission which shall be available for such purpose.

(b) Special assessments made against land certified to be in class 2 shall be paid to the commission, immediately upon delivery of an assessment bill to the State Treasurer from the Hackensack Meadowland Revolving Fund.

(c) There is hereby established a Hackensack Meadowland Revolving Fund which shall be administered by the State Treasurer. The Legislature may appropriate from time to time amounts to such fund. All money appropriated or otherwise made available to this fund, including the repayment of expenditures made under the provisions of subsection (b), shall be held for the purpose of paying special assessments made against class 2 property pursuant to this article. Pending use, moneys in the Hackensack Meadowland Revolving Fund may be invested and reinvested as other trust funds in the custody of the State Treasurer in the manner provided by law. All earnings received from the investment or deposit of such moneys shall be paid into and become a part of such fund.

(d) A statement of the amount of the special assessment against class 2 property paid for out of the fund shall be filed with the appropriate agency having title to the property and shall be included in the purchase price fixed for lands and made part of the payment for the grant or sale. The full amount of such assessment shall be repaid and deposited in the fund established by subsection (c). In the case said lands are leased for a term of years, there shall be included in the annual rental, a charge for the assessment levied on the property. Such payments up to the full amount of such assessment shall be paid to and deposited in said fund.

(e) The assessment against land in class 3 shall be payable immediately upon delivery to the collecting officer of the commission.

When any assessment shall not be paid within 2 months after the date of confirmation thereof, interest thereon from the date of confirmation shall be imposed at the rate of 6%.

L.1968, c. 404, s. 51.

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