New Jersey Revised Statutes § 13:19-11 - Grounds For Denial Of Permit Application; Conditional Permit; Approval Of Nuclear Electricity Generating Facility

13:19-11. Grounds for denial of permit application; conditional permit; approval of nuclear electricity generating facility
11. Notwithstanding the applicant's compliance with the criteria listed in section 10 of P.L.1973, c.185 (C.13:19-10), if the commissioner finds that the proposed development would violate or tend to violate the purpose and intent of this act as specified in section 2 of P.L.1973, c.185 (C.13:19-2), or that the proposed development would materially contribute to an already serious and unacceptable level of environmental degradation or resource exhaustion, the commissioner may deny the permit application, or the commissioner may issue a permit subject to such conditions as the commissioner finds reasonably necessary to promote the public health, safety and welfare, to protect public and private property, wildlife and marine fisheries, and to preserve, protect and enhance the natural environment. The construction and operation of a nuclear electricity generating facility shall, however, not be approved by the commissioner unless the commissioner finds that the proposed method for disposal of radioactive waste material to be produced or generated by the facility will be safe, conforms to standards established by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and will effectively remove danger to life and the environment from such waste material.

L.1973,c.185,s.11; amended 1993,c.190,s.12.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016