New Jersey Revised Statutes § 13:1e-199 - Definitions

13:1E-199. Definitions
As used in this act:

"Distributor" means a person who sells lead acid batteries at wholesale to retailers in this State, including any manufacturer who engages in these sales;

"Lead acid battery" means a lead acid electric storage battery designed for use in motor vehicles, aviation equipment or marine vessels;

"Manufacturer" means a person producing lead acid batteries for sale to distributors or retailers or consumers;

"Recycling" means any process by which solid waste materials are collected, separated or processed and returned to the economic mainstream in the form of raw materials or products;

"Retailer" means a person engaged in the sale of lead acid batteries to any person at retail and includes any manufacturer or distributor engaging in retail sales, except that "retailer" shall not include a person engaged in the sale of new motor vehicles;

"Scrap processing facility" means a commercial industrial facility designed and operated for receiving, storing, processing and transferring source separated, nonputrescible ferrous and nonferrous metal, which materials are purchased by the owner or operator thereof, and which are altered or reduced in volume or physical characteristics onsite by mechanical methods, including but not limited to baling, cutting, torching, crushing, or shredding, for the purposes of resale for remelting, refining, smelting or remanufacturing into raw materials or products;

"Solid waste container" means a receptacle, container or bag suitable for the depositing of solid waste.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016