New Jersey Revised Statutes § 13:1e-202 - Distributor To Accept Used Lead Acid Battery From Retailer

13:1E-202. Distributor to accept used lead acid battery from retailer
a. No distributor or his agent may refuse to accept any used lead acid battery returned to the distributor or his agent from any retailer in the distributor's service area. Whenever a retailer or group of retailers receives a shipment or consignment of, or in any manner acquires, lead acid batteries from any distributor outside of New Jersey for sale to consumers in New Jersey, the retailer or retailers shall be subject to the provisions of this act as if they were distributors as well as retailers.

b. No distributor shall dispose of a used lead acid battery as solid waste at any time. Any distributor may return used lead acid batteries accepted from a retailer directly to the manufacturer. A distributor may arrange for the pickup and proper recycling of used lead acid batteries with:

(1) a secondary lead smelter;

(2) a scrap processing facility at which used lead acid batteries are received, stored, processed or transferred for the purposes of recycling; or

(3) a household hazardous waste collection site established pursuant to a county household hazardous waste collection program.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016