New Jersey Revised Statutes § 13:8c-31 - Use Of Lands Acquired, Developed By State Using Dedicated Money

13:8C-31. Use of lands acquired, developed by State using dedicated money
31. Lands acquired or developed by the State for recreation and conservation purposes using constitutionally dedicated moneys in whole or in part shall not be conveyed, disposed of, or diverted to use for other than recreation and conservation purposes without the approval of the commissioner and the State House Commission established pursuant to R.S.52:20-1 et seq. Approval shall not be given unless the commissioner shall agree to pay an amount equal to or greater than the fair market value of the land at the time of the proposed conveyance, disposal, or diversion, as determined by the State House Commission, into the Garden State Green Acres Preservation Trust Fund; and the amount to be paid shall be determined also in accordance with the requirements of P.L.1993, c.38 (C.13:1D-51 et seq.). Moneys so returned to that fund shall be deemed wholly a part of the portion of that fund available for the acquisition by the State of lands for recreation and conservation purposes as provided pursuant to this act.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016