New Jersey Revised Statutes § 13:8c-33 - Permissible Actions By Local Government Unit For Other Lands

13:8C-33. Permissible actions by local government unit for other lands
33. a. For lands held by a local government unit for recreation and conservation purposes that were neither acquired nor developed for any of those purposes with any financial assistance from the State, and which have been included in an inventory of lands prepared for the purposes of complying with section 32 of this act, the local government unit may (1) change the recreation and conservation purpose for which the lands are being used to another recreation and conservation purpose, including but not limited to developing the lands for public outdoor recreation, or (2) construct a building or other structure on the lands for public indoor recreation, provided that the local government unit has held at least one public hearing on the proposed change in purpose or use at least 90 days prior to final approval thereof by the local government unit. Any action taken by a local government unit pursuant to this section shall not be deemed to be a conveyance, disposal, or diversion for the purposes of subsection b. of section 32 of this act.

b.The local government unit shall provide to the commissioner (1) at least 30 days' advance written notice of any public hearing to be held on any such change in purpose or use, (2) within 90 days after final approval of the change in purpose or use by the local government unit, written proof that any such public hearing was held, and (3) written notice of the change in purpose or use within 90 days after it has been effected.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016