New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:9a-8 - Capital Deposits; Payment

17:9A-8. Capital deposits; payment
Capital deposits; payment.

A. The capital deposits in every savings bank hereafter organized shall amount to not less than:

(1) $100,000.00, if the population of the municipality wherein the principal office of the savings bank is to be located does not exceed 10,000;

(2) $150,000.00, if such population exceeds 10,000 but does not exceed 50,000;

(3) $200,000.00, if such population exceeds 50,000 but does not exceed 100,000;

(4) $300,000.00, if such population exceeds 100,000 but does not exceed 200,000;

(5) $500,000.00, if such population exceeds 200,000; provided, that if the certificate of incorporation states that the savings bank shall be authorized to exercise any of the powers specified in section 28, its capital deposits shall not be less than $500,000.00.

B. The savings bank shall be liable to the depositors or their legal representatives or assigns for the amount of the capital deposits respectively paid in by them, which shall be repaid to them subject to such regulations as are applicable to other deposits and which shall be entitled to interest and dividends at the same rate and under the same regulations as are applicable to other deposits; provided, that, until such time as the surplus of the savings bank shall amount to not less than the original capital deposits, or 5% of other regular deposits, whichever is greater, no part of the capital deposits, other than interest or dividends thereon, may be withdrawn, and until such time, the capital deposits shall be subordinate to all other deposits and liabilities of the savings bank. When the surplus shall equal the amount in this subsection specified, the capital deposits may be withdrawn or transferred to regular deposits accounts in such amounts from time to time as shall not reduce the surplus below the amount so specified.

L. 1948, c. 67, s.8. Amended by L. 1965, c. 171, s. 15; 1987, c. 201, s. 29.

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