New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:17-9 - Monthly Reconciliation Of Bank Account Statements; Report By Secretary.

18A:17-9 Monthly reconciliation of bank account statements; report by secretary.

18A:17-9. The chief school administrator or board designee other than the secretary shall prepare the monthly reconciliation of bank account statements and in conjunction with the secretary take any steps necessary to bring the cash record balance and reconciled bank balance into agreement prior to completion of the secretary's monthly report.

The secretary shall:

a.Report to the board, at each regular meeting, but not more often than once each month, the amount of total appropriations and the cash receipts for each account, the amount for which warrants have been drawn against each account, the amounts of orders or contractual obligations incurred and chargeable against each account year to date and since the date of his last report, the cash and appropriation balances for each account and fund, and the reconciled bank account balances in the manner and form prescribed by the commissioner;

b.Keep and maintain in his office all contracts, records and documents belonging to the board, except such as shall be kept by the treasurer of school moneys pursuant to law, under such conditions as the board shall prescribe;

c.Perform any other duties prescribed by law.

amended 1981, c.174, s.3; 2010, c.39, s.11.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016