New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:17-5 - Appointment Of Secretary Of Board Of Education; Terms; Compensation; Vacancy.

18A:17-5 Appointment of secretary of board of education; terms; compensation; vacancy.

18A:17-5. Each secretary shall be appointed by the board, by a recorded roll call majority vote of its full membership, for a term to expire not later than June 30 , or January 15 in the case of a school district in which the annual school election is in November, of the calendar year next succeeding that in which the board shall have been organized, but he shall continue to serve after the expiration of his term until his successor is appointed and qualified. The secretary may be appointed from among the members of the board and, subject to the provisions of this Title and any other law, the board shall fix his compensation; provided, however, that the secretary shall not receive compensation from the board for any period during which he is an elected or appointed member of the board.

In case of a vacancy in the office of secretary, the vacancy shall be filled by the board within 60 days after the vacancy occurs and if the board does not make such appointment within such time the executive county superintendent shall appoint a secretary who shall receive the same compensation as his predecessor in office received and shall serve until a secretary is appointed by the board.

amended 1968, c.271; 2011, c.202, s.17.

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