New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:17-2 - Tenure Of Secretaries, Assistant Secretaries, School Business Administrators, Business Managers And Secretarial And Clerical Employees

18A:17-2. Tenure of secretaries, assistant secretaries, school business administrators, business managers and secretarial and clerical employees
a. Any secretary, assistant secretary, school business administrator or business manager of a board of education of any school district who has or shall have devoted his full time to the duties of his office and has or shall have served therein for three consecutive calendar years, and

b. Any person holding any secretarial or clerical position or employment under a board of education of any school district or under any officer thereof, after

1. The expiration of a period of employment of three consecutive calendar years in the district or such shorter period as may be fixed by the board or officer employing him, or

2. Employment for three consecutive academic years, together with employment at the beginning of the next succeeding academic year, an academic year being the period between the time when school opens in the district after the general summer vacation and the beginning of the next succeeding summer vacation, and

c. Any person, who has acquired, or shall hereafter acquire, tenure in any secretarial or clerical office, position or employment under the board of education of a school district and has been appointed district clerk or secretary, or shall hereafter be appointed secretary of said district, as such secretary,

shall hold his office, position or employment under tenure during good behavior and efficiency and shall not be dismissed or suspended or reduced in compensation, except for neglect, misbehavior or other offense and only in the manner prescribed by subarticle B of article 2 of chapter 6 of this title.

L.1967, c.271.

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