New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:73-22.2 - Definitions Relative To Support Of Activities In New Jersey History

18A:73-22.2. Definitions relative to support of activities in New Jersey history
2.For the purposes of this act:

"General operating support" means support for expenses incurred in categories such as, but not limited to: wages, salaries and fringe benefits; insurance; utilities; installation and maintenance of appropriate environmental conditions in which to maintain collections; facility and equipment leases and rentals; facility maintenance; materials, supplies, and equipment; and staff training in museum operations, collections acquisition and maintenance, or management, exhibition, and presentation of educational programs for the public by historical agencies, organizations or entities;

"Historic site" means a structure or a site associated with the history of New Jersey that is on the State or National Register of Historic Places, or is eligible for placement on the State or national register, and that is owned or administered by a not-for-profit organization or by an agency of county or local government;

"Historical society" or "historical library"or "history museum" means a not-for-profit organization or an agency of county or local government that, within a museum or library environment, houses collections of New Jersey historical materials, presents historical collections to the public in the form of exhibitions or educational programs, and makes such collections available to the public for research; and

"Related agency or organization" means a not-for-profit entity that performs functions similar to those carried out by history museums, historic sites, historical societies, historical libraries, or historical agencies of local or county government for the purpose of providing history services, and that adheres to the same standards of performance as those museums, libraries, sites, societies or agencies, although its primary mission may not be the provision of New Jersey history services to the public.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016