New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:73-25 - Advisory Capacity To Public And Private Agencies

18A:73-25. Advisory capacity to public and private agencies
(a) The commission shall be responsible for serving in an advisory capacity to State departments and agencies and public educational institutions in connection with activities concerned with State history. It shall advise such public and private agencies in respect to programs of historic research and publication, education, commemorative observances, preservation of historic sites and buildings, public exhibitions and other programs pertaining to the history of New Jersey and enlist the talents of historians, librarians and members of historic, patriotic and civic organizations concerned with the State history in connection therewith.

(b) The commission is authorized, within the limits of such funds as may be appropriated or otherwise available to it, to plan and execute programs for:

1. the production, publication and distribution of books, pamphlets, films and other educational materials relating to historical subjects;

2. conference, convocations, lectures, seminars and other similar activities relating to historical subjects;

3. the development of libraries, museums, historic sites and exhibits, including mobile exhibits;

4. ceremonies and celebrations and other commemorative activities commemorating specific historical events.

(c) In carrying out duties and functions as provided in this act the commission is authorized to employ such assistants and incur such expenses as may be necessary therefor and as may be within the limits of funds appropriated or otherwise made available to it for said purpose.

(d) The commission may receive gifts of money, property and personal services for carrying out the provisions of this act.

L.1967, c.271; amended by L.1969, c. 126, s. 7, eff. July 2, 1969.

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