New Jersey Revised Statutes § 22a:2-10 - Chancery Division Of Superior Court; Costs Awarded.

22A:2-10 Chancery division of superior court; costs awarded.

22A:2-10. Chancery Division of Superior Court; costs awarded.

Upon the completion and determination of the following actions and proceedings in the Chancery Division of the Superior Court, the costs awarded to a party therein for the drawing of papers, including orders, writs and judgments, shall be as stated below:

Plaintiff's costs, foreclosure$ 50.00
Plaintiff's costs, partition 70.00
Plaintiff's and receiver's costs, receivership 125.00
Plaintiff's costs, receivership 62.50
Receiver's costs, receivership 62.50
Plaintiff's costs, divorce, dissolution of civil
union, nullity, custody 30.00
Plaintiff's costs, causes of action for other relief 65.00
Plaintiff's costs, incapacity action 47.50
Plaintiff's costs, sale of lands of minor
or incapacitated individual 50.00
Plaintiff's costs, release of dower or curtesy 50.00
Plaintiff's costs, mortgage lands of a minor or
incapacitated individual 50.00
Plaintiff's costs, interpleader 35.00
Plaintiff's costs, appointment of tax receiver 27.50
Plaintiff's costs, actions for payment of money
into court; to hold real estate; to limit creditors 22.50
Plaintiff's costs, action for appointment of
trustee or substituted trustee 33.50
Costs on contempt proceedings 25.00
Costs on application to fix dower or curtesy 22.50
Costs on application to pay moneys out of court 23.50
Costs on application for instructions, or to
approve account 30.00
Costs on application for writ of execution 10.00
Costs on application for relief from final judgment
or, in a matrimonial cause from judgment
nisi or order 20.00

Costs on application for writ of possession 30.00
Costs on application for alimony pendente lite,
attorney fee, suit money 20.00
Defendant's costs where final judgment
is taken by defendant 30.00
Defendant's costs where final judgment is
not taken by defendant 20.00
Costs upon any other litigated or special motion,
subsidiary or interlocutory, not heretofore
provided for 50.00

amended 2006, c.103, s.84; 2013, c.103, s.62.

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