New Jersey Revised Statutes § 22a:2-15 - Probate Proceedings In Superior Court In Chancery Division; Clerk's Fees

22A:2-15. Probate proceedings in Superior Court in Chancery Division; clerk's fees
22A:2-15. For performing services in all probate proceedings in the Superior Court, Chancery Division, Probate Part there shall be paid to the surrogate of the county of venue for the use of the county the following fees which, except as hereinafter provided, shall constitute the entire fees to be collected by the surrogate for the use of the county, down to the final disposition of the cause:

Each action upon the filing of the first paper in the action, $135.00 and upon the filing of an answering pleading or other answering paper, $80.00.

Application for relief filed subsequent to final judgment, upon the filing of the first paper, $10.00.


Auditing, stating, reporting and recording accounts of executors, administrators, guardians, trustees, assignees, as follows:

In estates up to and including $2,000.00, $50.00;

In estates from $2,000.01 to and including $10,000.00, $70.00;

In estates from $10,000.01 to and including $30,000.00, $85.00;

In estates from $30,000.01 to and including $65,000.00, $100.00;

In estates from $65,000.01 to $200,000.00-- 1/5 of 1%;

In estates exceeding $200,000.00-- 1/10 of 1%, but not less than $400.00.

For each page of accounting, in excess of one, $3.00.

In computing the amount of an estate for the purpose of fixing the fees of the surrogate, for auditing and reporting the account, the balance from the prior account shall be excluded.

No fees herein allowed shall be charged against the recipient of any pension, bounty or allowance for services of the surrogate in respect thereof, pursuant to N.J.S.3B:13-9 to 3B:13-14.


On commissions on deposits, including any deposit made pursuant to sections 31 and 32 of chapter 67, of the laws of 1948, if under $100.00, 1/2 of 1% of it; if over $100.00 and under $1,000.00, 1/4 of 1% on such excess; if over $1,000.00, 1/8 of 1% of such excess.


Minimum charge for all other papers or services by the surrogate, $5.00.

L.1953, c.22, s.11; amended 1965,c.76,s.4; 1968,c.124,s.4; 1970,c.107,s.4; 1977,c.57,s.1; 1980,c.80,s.3; 1991,c.177,s.10.

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