New Jersey Revised Statutes § 22a:2-9 - Law Division Of Superior Court; Costs Awarded

22A:2-9. Law Division of Superior Court; costs awarded
Costs awarded to any party in any action, motion or proceeding in the Law Division of the Superior Court, whether he be plaintiff, defendant, third-party plaintiff or in any manner a party therein, shall be as follows:

For all proceedings down to and including final judgment when there has been a trial of an issue of fact, fifty dollars ($50.00).

Upon the entry of judgment final, by default, or upon consent, stipulation, or admissions, or upon the pleadings, or by summary judgment or on dismissal, in all actions or proceedings, to the moving party, forty dollars ($40.00).

Upon a voluntary dismissal either by stipulation or by order of court, or in any proceeding which has not proceeded to final judgment, twenty dollars ($20.00).

Upon any other litigated or special motion, subsidiary or interlocutory, in addition to necessary disbursements as provided by section 22A:2-8 of this Title, not exceeding fifteen dollars ($15.00).

Upon an appeal to the Law Division of the Superior Court, ten dollars ($10.00).

In proceedings after judgment in aid of execution, if the court determines that the result of the examination shows that such proceedings were well-founded, it may direct that the moving party be allowed in addition to his necessary disbursements, as provided by section 22A:2-8 of this Title, fifteen dollars ($15.00).

If the examination shows that said proceedings were not well-founded, the court may direct that the party against whom such proceedings were taken be allowed, in addition to such disbursements, ten dollars ($10.00).

For each applying creditor in attachment, ten dollars ($10.00).

L.1953, c. 22, p. 388, s. 11.

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