New Jersey Revised Statutes § 23:4-12 - Hunting Certain Game, Except In Manner Provided By Code Or With Gun Or Bow And Arrow, Unlawful; Penalty

23:4-12. Hunting certain game, except in manner provided by Code or with gun or bow and arrow, unlawful; penalty
No person, shall kill, destroy or injure, pursue with intent to kill or injure or in any manner attempt to take or injure, any anatidae commonly known as swans, geese, brant and river and sea ducks; rallidae, commonly known as rails, gallinules, coots and mud hens; limicolae, commonly known as shore birds, surf snipe or bay snipe, among them being yellowlegs plovers, willets, sandpipers, dowitchers or robin snipe, brown backs, curlews, turnstones or calico backs, godwits or marlin, tittlers and woodcocks; gallinae, commonly known as wild turkey, grouse, prairie chickens, pheasants, partridge and quails; or any hare commonly known as rabbit; gray, black or fox squirrels; or any other game bird or game animal, except in the manner prescribed by the provisions of the State Fish and Game Code, or, in the absence of such provision in said code, except in the manner usually known as hunting with a gun, the gun being not larger than ten gauge and held at arm's length and fired from the shoulder without rest, or by the use of long bow and arrow, provided, however, it shall be unlawful for any person while hunting any wild bird or animal to have both a firearm and a bow and arrow in his possession or under his control in the woods or fields or on the water, under a penalty of $20.00 for each offense.

Amended by L.1938, c. 102, p. 222, s. 1; L.1944, c. 163, p. 601, s. 2; L.1948, c. 448, p. 1809, s. 48; L.1950, c. 86, p. 153, s. 2, eff. April 28, 1950; L.1971, c. 252, s. 1, eff. June 30, 1971.

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